Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9; Episode 1 Voot 5 jan 2019 Repeated Telecast Online

Hello Guys as you all knew that khatron ke khiladi season 9 has been telicasted on colors tv and voot app on 5 jan 2019 here is a short overview of the show what actually happens in first episode of khatron ke khiladi season 9 episode 1 hope u like it and share with your friends and groups.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 live updates

Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 live updates  |  Photo Credit: Instagram

Rohit Shetty is all set to begin another thrilling season of Khatron Ke Khiladi 9. This season is far more special since it has some of our favourite contestants performing stunts and the makers have taken things a level higher. Vikas Gupta, Sreesanth, Avika Gor, Jasmin Bhasin, Zain Imam, Aly Goni, Shamita Shetty, Punit Pathak, Bharti Singh, Haarsh Limbachiyaa, Aditya Narayan and Ridhima Pandit will be competing against each other this season. The promos have already given us a glimpse of everything that we will be looking forward to this season and the first episode is just adding to all the excitement.

While fans already know a couple of details about the show since it has been shot in 2018, we are eagerly looking forward to watching all the contestants perform the stunts. Like we saw in the promos, Rohit picks Bharti to perform the first stunt of the season and no matter how terrified she was, she managed to perform the task. Other than watching the celebrities give in to their fears or fight it, we are also going to watch a lot of bromance and new friendships this season.

Check out LIVE updates from the first episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 here!

10.20 pm: The next task has Riddhima’s head in a box of reptiles. Jasmin gets extremely nervous looking at this and breaks down. The other contestants try to pacify her instead of cheering for Riddhima.

10.10 pm: Rohit talks to Aly and Haarsh about the task but Bharti intervenes and adds a funny touch to it. Vikas and Punit go next. Vikas says later on that it was one of the most exciting things he has done yet. Punit and Aly win the task. Haarsh and Vikas also join Bharti-Avika in the bottom performers. Rohit then asks Bharti to do the test only to perform a prank on her. Rohit then announces the next task which will be performed by Riddhima and Jasmin.

10.00 pm: Rohit announces that Bharti and Avika are at the bottom two in the first episode. He then asks Riddhima and Jasmin to help put the reptiles in separate cages since they got all mixed during the task. Rohit then announces the next task which is called a drag race. Audience gets a glimpse of how the contestants performed this task in the previous seasons. Aly-Haarsh, Vikas and Punit have compete against each other in pairs.After Rohit explains the task to them, Bharti puts a lemon and chilli garlands around Haarsh”s neck and makes him drink a lemon-chilli water as good luck.

9.40 pm:  Cut to Sreesanth’s Bollywood moment in the show after which Rohit asks him to dance in his next stunt. He said the former cricketer will have to do at least 5 signature Bollywood steps and Sree entertains everyone with his moves. Rohit then introduces the next task which will include 5 animals together, which is something they are attempting for the first time on the show. Rohit explains the stunt to the contestants and says that Avika, Bharti and Sreesanth will be performing the tasks. Bharti tries to get the crew members to tell her which animals will be invovled in the task. Cockroaches, black scorpion, crickets, tarantula spiders and black ants and frogs are a part of the task.

9.30 pm: Aditya injures himself a little bit. Rohit applauds Aditya’s efforts and asks Zain to go next. A nervous Zain begins crawling on the pole to reach the end as the other contestants cheer for him. He is praying under his breath while performing his task. He manages to reach towards the end of the pole and stand on the pole. He grabs one of red flags and jumps. He successfully completes the task and breaks down. Jasmin also gets emotional since Zain was her first co-star and special to her.

9.20 pm: Bharti is asked to kick-start the season and be the first contestant to perform a stunt. Aditya and Zain will follow her. The contestants are asked to glide through a pole on the 22nd floor and collect five flags that are on it and they will have to stand on the pole and even jump to get their hands on the last flag. Bharti then jokes about being pregnant but agrees to doing the task. The comedian gets really nervous and breaks down before performing the task. Haarsh boosts her morale and motivates her to do the task.Rohit reminds Bharti of all the times she made a joke on him and then reveals that she doesn’t have to go ahead with the stunt. He tells her that only Zain and Aditya will be doing the stunt and asks her to not lock horns with him again. Aditya starts off really well but makes one wrong move and hangs by the pole upside down. Aditya manages to balance himself back up and stand on the pole but misses the red flag.

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22nd-floor par task ke liye hain taiyaar @bharti_lalli. #KKK9 #JigarPeTrigger889:15 PM – Jan 5, 201916 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

9.10 pm: Rohit Shetty makes a grand entry with Simmba’s music score playing in the background. Rohit gives us a glimpse of all the stunts and drama that we’re going to wtiness in the show. The contestants make an entry on a rooftop and wish everyone a happy new year! Sreesanth shows his trademark dance moves when asked what he will do if he wins KKK9. Rohit makes Avika Gor hold a tarantula and have a fake saas-bahu fight with Bharti as the saas. View image on Twitter

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.@avika_n_joy encounters a tarantula but she really played it cool, didn’t she? #KKK9 #JigarPeTrigger499:07 PM – Jan 5, 2019See COLORS’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacyView image on Twitter

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Don’t the contestants seem super energetic to take on the new season along with the New Year? #KKK9 #JigarPeTrigger1469:03 PM – Jan 5, 201953 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

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Stunts that will leave you on the edge of your seats! Get ready for an experience that will thrill you. Watch #KKK9 tonight at 9 PM! #JigarPeTrigger667:30 PM – Jan 5, 2019See COLORS’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacy

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